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AIEG seeks members who can commit to a culture of sharing and mutual support. Such members make AIEG invaluable to lawyers who do transportation safety and product defect cases nationwide. If you are potentially interested in AIEG membership, please complete the form below to receive more information.


AIEG is not a typical lawyers association. Even with its rich history of formidable members, landmark cases and ground-breaking strategies, it is much more. Its true strength lies in members sharing knowledge, experiences and their time to help other members be successful that makes AIEG a unique organization. Membership provides access to a cadre of experienced lawyers with whom one can consult at any time for any reason. Whether you have questions about a defendant, need an expert or want help analyzing damages and potential outcomes, membership offers the power of collective knowledge.


Another AIEG strength lies in the sharing of data in an unprecedented way. With immediate access to documents via its private, secure website, plus a staff standing by to help day or night, AIEG is always there for its members.


Members are connected through AIEG’s listserves on a daily basis. Discussions cover all manner of defects, trial advocacy and trial strategy topics, giving members immediate access to pertinent issues.


AIEG communicates with members through several publications, including a weekly e-newsletter containing newsworthy information, links to recently received documents and the latest trial news. Its two quarterly magazines, AIEGVoice and ParalegalVoice, feature information on new litigation trends, useful trial techniques and trial news nationwide. Information is critical as AIEG members evaluate and pursue cases. AIEG is committed to keeping its lawyers and paralegals in the know.


Each year, AIEG hosts two member-only seminars and a paralegal seminar designed with litigation support staff in mind. In addition, AIEG regularly hosts free webinars on current hot topics. Unlike some other conferences, AIEG’s goal is for its members to take away knowledge that can be immediately applied to a case. Join us to experience the difference.

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